Health Care

Language and cultural barriers often present a challange when caring for the Hispanic patient population.
Hablemos offers a series of job specific Spanish for Healthcare training modules aimed at helping your staff overcome these barriers and improve the quality of care offered to Hispanic patients.

Emergency Departments & EMS

Our Spanish lingo for Emergency Department and EMS personnel training provides your staff with the tools to help them triage and address the most common emergency symptoms such as shortness of breath, abdominal pain, injured/broken bones, pediatric and neurological issues, and chest pain when caring for Hispanic patients.


Our Spanish lingo for Perinatal Services training provides your staff with the tools to help triage, provide assessments, monitor the patient, deal with urgent or emergent issues, provide post partum care, instruct mothers regarding normal neonatal procedures such as formula and breast feeding, diapers, and circumcision while caring for Hispanic patients.


Our Spanish lingo for Nurses training provides your nursing staff with the tools needed to interact with Hispanic patients and families at a basic level. 
Nurses will use these tools to ask simple questions, build trust and rapport,  and care for the patient by bridging the language and cultural gap that often exists with the Hispanic patient demographic.  

Patient Services

Our Spanish lingo for Patient Services training provides tools to help registration, admission and discharge staff, financial counselors, social workers, and cashiers communicate with Hispanic patients and their families.
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